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How it all started

Since day one, Vallejo’s has been a family affair. Owned and primarily operated by brothers Arturo and Efrain Vallejo and a half dozen nieces and nephews.

However, in the beginning, it started with the vision of Arturo Vallejo. Every since a young boy he could remember loving his mothers home made authentic cooking with rich aromas of flavor and spices.  Being part of a large family and one of eleven kids, Arturo, or Art, went to join the workforce as a young boy, where he got his taste and experience of the restaurant business, starting out as a bus boy. He quickly proved himself to be a natural and made his way through all the ranks of the business. In 1983, he took his experience and opened his first Deli in midtown Sacramento.

As he gained his footing and business began to flourish, he recruited and enlisted his younger brother’s help to expand. Over 35 years later, Vallejo’s Restaurant has grown to be a household name in Sacramento and continues to be a staple in the community, serving the same authentic recipes and giving back to the community in various ways.

Our Story


The Vallejo brothers would like to recognize all of their siblings who helped support them in the very early years, their hardworking parents who worked hard to raise them with morals and dedication, and their children, nieces, and nephews who continue to help with day to day operations and to all their loyal customers, friends, and friends who turned family over the years for the continued love and support.